1978 OG LA Punk Rock

Mau Maus & Dickies at the Whiskey on September 1st

The Mau Maus are appearing with the Dickies at the legendary Whiskey-au-go-go on Sunday Sept. 1st in celebration of Dickies singer Leonard’s Birthday Bash.

Mau Maus & Dickies

The Dickies are an American punk rock band formed in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, in 1977. One of the longest tenured punk rock bands, they have been in continuous existence for over 40 years. They have consistently balanced catchy melodies, harmony vocals, and pop song structures, with a speedy punk guitar attack. This musical approach is paired with a humorous style and has been labelled “pop-punk” or “bubble-gum punk”. The band have sometimes been referred to as “the clown princes of punk”.

Some artists eschew the term “pop punk”, perhaps viewing it as implying less authenticity than the label “punk rock” (for example, Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong: “I’ve always hated the phrase. I think it’s a contradiction in terms. Either you’re punk, or you’re not”). Leonard Phillips, however, has said he “has no problem” with the label being applied to the Dickies, rhetorically asking “can I help it if we are musical?” Stan Lee once said of the early period of the Dickies: “We were a pop band masquerading as a punk band.”